Robin's Bio

Who Wants to Know?

Christian Hayes of Sidecar Radio asks:

Q. Margarita. Blended or on the rocks?
A. On the rocks with salt. Patron works

Q. Have you ever REALLY punched someone? Like, in the face. For real.
A. Yup. Not lately. I've learned to manage my physical reactions.

Q. Have you ever worn underwear that has stars and stripes on it?
A. I hate to disappoint you...not both together.

Q. Lastly. The dutch oven. Are you usually the predator or the victim?
A. (If you are unfamiliar, defines it as follows: "The act of trapping a person under bed covers after releasing vile fumes." i.e Dave vomited on the sheets when his wife gave him a white castle dutch oven.) I guess I would be the victim. I knew this would end up potty talk.

Sick Puppies ask:

Q. (Mark, drummer) What do you love about living in Portland, Maine?
A. So many things! The ocean and the beach in the summer, the woods in the winter, and all the cool musicians, artists, and local business people who live here. I really think Portland is unique and attracts interesting, talented people more than most places. You can live a relaxed life and not deal with traffic and subways while having all the best planet earth has to offer.

Q. (Shim, guitar and vocals) What unnatural color would you dye your hair?
A. Manic Panic "Deadly Nightshade". I did that once but without the bleaching so it wasn't too dramatic. I might do some streaks or extensions now that you mention it.

Q. (Emma, bass) What's your favorite kind of chocolate?
A. Green & Black dark chocolate with ginger or toffee bits!

Cove Reber of Saosin asks:

Q. Bloods Or Crips?
A. I'm East Coast dude! peace love and harmony.

Q. Is Tupac Still Alive?
A. Has California fallen into the sea?

Q. Aside From 30 Seconds To Mars, what is the best band of all time? (-; haha
A. Led Zeppelin would have to be my main band

Q. If you could create a super group who would be in it?
A. Flea on bass, Danny Carey of Tool on drums Cedric of the Mars Volta on vocals and Omar Rodriguez Lopez of the same band on guitar. Trent Reznor guest keyboardist/effects

Dave Gutter of Rustic Overtones and The Paranoid Social Club asks:

Q. Were you named after the erotic 90's movie trilogy "Poison Ivy"?
A. nicknamed more than named

Q. If so which "Ivy" starlet do think you are most like and why?
A. Ivy cause as she says "It's better to live one day with the top down than a lifetime in a box." Yeah I drive a convertible.

Q. Also what is your least favorite color and why?
A. yellow greens like chartreuse-they hurt to look at without sunglasses and remind me of some bad experiences with margaritas and guacamole

Tomo Millicevic, guitarist of 30 Seconds to Mars:

Q. Whats the first song you ever heard that made you FEEL a powerful emotion?
A. Tell Me Why and The Needle and the Damage Done by Neil Young
My Mom bought After the Gold Rush and I didn't know what the needle was or anything but I knew it was intense and dark and I could see the characters of these songs in my mind.  I listened to that over and over when I was a little kid!

Q. What was your WORST on-air blunder? >:-)
A. There had to be some bad ones. That's what memory blockers are for. Once I said "stick it here" instead of stick around or keep it here. It took a long while to hear the end of that!

Q. Since I'm a guitarist and we all wanna know once and for all! Who's your favorite guitarist? (the correct answer is Tomo)
A. Of course it is ; ) Who do I always stand in front of at 30 Seconds to Mars shows! You! If I have to pick one (more)
Omar Rodríguez-López of the Mars Volta. I also honor Jimi Hendrix for one no longer living, Jimmy Page as legendary, Slash for being Slash, and Elijah Ocean of Loverless, from here in Portland, Maine.

Q. What's your favorite dunkin donuts flavor of donut. :)
A. Lemon filled with powdered sugar! I bet yours is in the chocolate family.

Jayson Heatley, bartender extraordinaire at Empire Dine n Dance

Q. Who do you think is the sexiest rocker in Portland?
A. such an unfair question. you suck. Dave Gutter.

Q. What do you think is your sexiest attribute?
A. skin

Q. If the world was going to end today what song or cd would you want to listen to, if it was your last?
A. Prince 1999 and party like that

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